الاثنين، 25 أبريل 2011

Poverty in Amman Downtown


One of the most annoying scenes in Amman downtown was a man digging into a container of garbage to either find something to eat or find metal or stalless steal pieces to sell. It’s more annoying to watch him eating what we get rid off and it feels like hell to watch him without giving a helping hand or even how to help him.
I was really embarrassed to see him digging into this container while I am smoking a cigarette from a pack costs 2JDs. I was thinking how the hell he is able to do this in public, but then I realized that he is forced. Hunger is not something you can deal with.

I don’t know how to ask for help to those people specially in downtown but I just want to tell anyone can read this post that hunger and unemployment are increasing in such poor areas. I really find it bad to see our government taking care of streets while thousands of people might finish their day having a sandwich.
Don’t ask those people to be entrepreneurs because they surely have no idea about that. They are needy more than anyone else and our government should take care of them. They are a big part of our Jordanian society and they must get their basic needs at least.
This is a message to our government and his majesty, King Abdullah II of Jordan to take care of those people because they really need us, and we won’t end up with them doing crimes to eat. I hope not to see or hear this but who knows? Life is getting hard and as they say: “The end justifies the means”.

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